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The Bosporus & Istanbul 1

Our cruise took us through the Marmara Sea and the Bosporus Straits. From our vantage point we could view the vast city that has served as the capital of the  Roman Empire (330c.395) Byzantine Empire (c.3951453),  and the  Ottoman Empire(14531922).



From our cruise ship we could see the many sights of both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul including the Blue Mosque above.


The Bosporus Bridge (1974), spanning the Bosphorus Strait connects Europe and Asia.  Istanbul is the only metropolis situated on two continents.




Istanbul has a population of 12 million and covers 39 districts. The mix of modern and historical was awesome.

Several districts of Istanbul are cosmopolitan in nature with a variety of residences, theatres, churches, embassies and cafes.



Sultan Mehmet built Rumeli Fortress in 1452 in preparation for the final attack on Constantinople which led to the downfall of the Byzantine Empire.

While Istanbul is known for its Ottoman architecture, especially its imperial mosques, influences of other cultures can be seen. 



The Hippodrome was the social and sporting center of Constantinople. Now the area is officially called Sultan Ahmet Square, and is marked by two obelisks and the neo-byzantine German Fountain.  (image from www.alstravels.com)

Topkapi Palace extends over the entire Seraglio Point between the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara. The first court is surrounded by high walls.

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