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Trier to Luxembourg

Located on the Mosel, Trier is the oldest city in Germany and has been an important centre since early Roman times. It has ruins of the second largest Roman baths outside of Rome and a Roman gate. Trier also has many fine restaurants and old churches. According to the Gesta Treverorum, the city was founded by Trebeta, an Assyrian prince, centuries before ancient Rome. We also drove to Luxemburg for a quick tour of some of the sights. Luxemburg is a unique blend of city and rural villages. It is trilingual and tricultural. What surprised us was the many villages outside of the City of Luxemburg and the productive agricultural land.



Trier had three Roman Baths. The Kaiserthermen above had three pools, hot, warm and cold. Slaves below the hot pool heated it. A massive network of tunnels are still passable today.

The Porto Nigra dates back to the year 180 AD and has seen many uses over the years. It has become the "black gate" over the years due to a fire and discoloration by air pollution.



The Cathedral in Trier is the oldest church in Germany and was started in the 4th Century. It has a mix of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architectural styles.

A short side trip to tiny Luxemburg allowed us to see a unique country with attractions such as a cathedral and Grand Ducal Palace and numerous statues throughout the streets.


"Luxemburg"  or "Luxembourg" - it depends whether you ask a French speaker or a German speaker. It is a Grand Duchy governed by a Duke and advised by a parliament. It is mixture of very rich city dwellers and rural village people.

Besides having museums, old churches, and castle ruins, Luxemburg has a upscale, bustling shopping district. Luxemburgers have the highest income in the EU (and the lowest gas prices.)

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