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The Rhine, Mosel, Main & Alsace Regions

Jordan and Erich stayed in "Pensionen" while visiting Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, Freiburg, Strasbourg, Luxemburg, Trier and many small villages along the Rhine. Since this was Jordan's high school graduation trip, he chose most of the destinations.

The ruins of Heidelberg Castle and the old bridge over the Neckar are famous tourist sights. The views are splendid and the parking awful!

The castle has been constructed and destroyed over several periods of history and not much is still functional.

This style of statuary of saints and classical figures mounted on corners of buildings is very common in Old Heidelberg.

The gates to Karl-Theodor-Bridge mark the entrance to old town.

The quaint streets around the Heidelberg University were interesting and full of unique shops.

We crossed many an ancient bridge and walked, and walked......


Speyer is famous for its Cathedral and its many open places (Platzel).

Old churches, castles and ruins are found all over this part of Germany.

One of our favorite cities was Strasbourg, France, where the people were friendly and very good looking.

Strasbourg is a university town and has a large international school that Jordan thinks Mom and Dad should teach at some day!

In the Alsace region near Strasbourg we discovered (along with thousands of Germans) the lovely town of Colmar. "Little Venice"  is a part of town with canals and splendid restaurants which serve of course some of the best Gewürztraminer  and Riesling in the world!

Colmar has seen many different conquerors over the centuries but has managed to develop its own blend of German/French culture and a unique architectural style as seen in the brightly coloured buildings in the UNESCO heritage part of town.



In the Strasbourg Cathedral, an 18 meter astronomical clock is a mathematical marvel.

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