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The Mosel Region

Erich & Jordan stayed in a lovely Gasthaus in Mesenich which lies across the Sauer River (a  tributary of the Mosel) from Luxemburg. Getting off the Autobahn into the small villages along the rivers using our GPS often took us through paved one lane farm roads which offered spectacular views of the vineyards and the semi-rural life of this region.



Our accommodation was at the Gasthof at Weingut Johannishof in Mesenich ( a B & B). We met a Professor from Munich and his wife and enjoyed their  meal time conversations with real Gemuetlichkeit.

Across the street Birgit Ries of the Weingut provided tasty meals in the Gaststube. Evenings always saw local families enjoying  their meals and wine with much laughter.




Cochem is a larger town on the Mosel. The Mosel is in a deep valley and has thousands of loops as it flows toward the Rhine. Vineyards abound on both sides and on the smaller tributary rivers.

Like most towns and villages, Cochem has a town square and many Gasthauses which offer simple meals, wine, beer and coffee. Some of these have been around for hundreds of years.

It seems each town has a unique festival. In Cochem we saw the crowning of the Zweschen Fest Princess (prune plum harvest festival) with the Cochem Buergermeister toasting the event with local plum brandy.

In Cochem, the festival entertainment included some "Kosaken" singing Russian opera and folk songs on the street corner.




After an adventurous drive we reached Burg Eltz in the remote valley of the river Eltz. The fortress has never been successfully conquered and is today owned by Faust von Stromberg, a direct descendant of the original Eltz family.


The Burg Eltz offered a wonderful tour that was authentic and showed how people lived in the fortress over the many centuries. The current living quarters of the family were off limits. The terrain offered protection from three sides and the fortress was easy to defend.


The knight's hall displayed suits of armor and armaments of that era.


As we drove though the countryside we saw many traditional homes as well as some unique-looking farmhouses.

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