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Rome - the Eternal City

We took the train from Venice to Rome, passing through beautiful Tuscany. We stayed in an apartment just blocks from the Vatican, from where we were able to walk or take local buses to the sites.



Rome is dotted with domed churches, each of which has rich displays of art by Raphael, Caravaggio, Michelangelo and Bernini.

Rome's rich archeological zone is dominated by the shell of the Coliseum constructed in AD 72-80, site of excessive slaughter spectacles for  almost 600 years.


The Roman Forum was the political, religious and commercial heart of the Roman Empire. Ruins of temples, columns, arches, and basilica testify to its history.

This view from the Jewish Quarter towards the Capitoline exemplifies the basic principal for understanding Rome: Everything is built on top of or out of something else.


Hadrian's massive circular tomb, Castel Sant'Angelo, was designed in the second century and served as a papal castle for 1000 years.

A 360 view from Castel Sant'Angelo includes this panorama of the Vatican and the viaduct that transported the popes in times of crisis.


The Pantheon is the only surviving intact Roman Temple. Built in 27 BC, it was dedicated to all gods. Its mathematically precise domed design inspired all the later domed cathedrals of the Renaissance.  (image from Remi Jouan, Wikimedia commons)

Rome's many pedestrian squares, such as Piazza Navona, are lined with palaces and studded with fountains and obelisks. 

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