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Amsterdam - The XXX City of Europe

No visit to Europe would be complete for a young man without a quick stop in Amsterdam - the city where the XXX rated flag points to the infamous "Coffeeshops"  and the DeWallen and Single red light districts. Unfortunately, we had heavy rains most of the time we were there and were unable to get many pictures.



The famous canals with their many bridges are  a unique part of the Amsterdam scene.


Canal boats do indeed still ply the canals and people do still live in canal boats in the middle of the city.


 Wandering the city was challenging due to the rain, the cobble stones and the cyclists. Not surprisingly we encountered a phallic statue in the centre of this XXX town.

Jordan could not visit the "Coffeshops" since he was still under 18 years of age but we did peek into one. It smelled good but looked rather scary.




In Amsterdam bicycles outnumber cars and the cyclists park everywhere including the pedestrian sidewalks.

Parking is at a premium. This Smart Car owner found a tiny spot and parked close to the canal - too close for our comfort.



We wandered through the red light district early in the morning and there was little action then. Jordan did get a smile from 45 year old "sexy girl" from a basement "window".

The Rijksmuseum is phenomenal. It featured mainly Dutch masters such as Rembrandt, Bosch and Provoost.




Rembrandt's Night Watch impressed us by its artistic merit and immense size.


The Dutch artists were remarkable for painting people in everyday poses and using light very effectively.

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